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Achieving Microsite Excellence - Finding the Right CMS
36 Min Read
36 Min Read

Achieving Microsite Excellence - Finding the Right CMS

In today’s fast-moving and competitive online environment businesses need microsites and landing pages to run campaigns and bring new offers and products to the customer’s attention at speed.

Brands increasingly require technology that helps them customise and personalise their approach to content, while being able to incorporate attractively designed creative and compelling messages that drive conversions.

However, many brands are struggling to find microsite or landing page solutions that give them the ecommerce and advertising-related monetisation capabilities they need, or that allow them to customise templates in the way they require.
This London Research report, produced in partnership with ContentHUB, is based on an online survey of 278 companies carried out in April and May 2018.
The report contains the following sections:
  1. Popularity of microsites - benefits and challenges
  2. How microsites are created ... and why companies seek alternative CMS solutions
  3. Where CMS platforms are failing clients
  4. Finding the right microsite platform 

Here are some of the findings included in this 23-page report:

  • More than half of companies say microsites help to improve customer experience (57%) and allow greater flexibility and chance for experimentation (60%).
  • The main concerns with microsites, for around a third of respondents, is that they may dilute the brand (33%), confuse site visitors (32%) or cause search engine optimisation issues (31%).
  • More than half of companies surveyed who use a different CMS for microsites reveal it is because their normal platform needs too much technical support (53%).
  • Exactly half (50%) say their main CMS does not offer customisable templates, while a third of companies (32%) say it would be too expensive to use their existing CMS for microsites.

Download the report now to learn more about the key requirements for delivering microsite excellence

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