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Making Marketing Automation a Reality
26 Min Read
26 Min Read

Making Marketing Automation a Reality

The case for marketing automation is becoming more and more compelling, with companies becoming more aware of the benefits such as increased sales, reduced costs, and improved customer experience.

But the path to successful adoption and implementation of this technology is not always clear.

This Making Marketing Automation a Reality ebook, produced by London Research in partnership with Act-On, is aimed at helping companies on the first steps of the journey, with invaluable advice and recommendations about what is required for success.
The 13-page ebook, written by experienced business journalist Michael Nutley and London Research director Linus Gregoriadis, looks at how companies can select the right software for their business and ensure they have the necessary processes in place to ensure they get the best possible return on investment. 

In addition to a closing section on recommendations to help you implement and optimize marketing software, the report contains the following sections:
•    Why Marketing Automation?
•    The First Steps of the Journey
•    Selecting the Right Technology and Partner
•    Culture, Ownership, and Process
•    Developing the Right Data Capabilities

The research contains input from the following expert contributors who are quoted extensively throughout the document.

•    Andrew Campbell, Martech Director, Customer Experience Division, Home Agency
•    Tim Creak, Marketing Specialist, EMEIA Marketing Operations, Fujitsu
•    Lucy Dawson, Co-Founder and Director, Ratio Creative
•    Adam Sharp, CEO and Co-Founder, CleverTouch Marketing

Download the Making Marketing Automation a Reality ebook now.  

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